• Cougar

    Acoustic Isolation

  • Lions

    Fire Protection

  • Snowalker

    Non Combustible

  • Howling

    Chemical Resistant

  • Sunbathing

    Aluminium Layer

A new noncombustible heat insulation material- Basfibermat®. This product allows to realize the main advantages of the basalt fiber over the traditional fibers - E-glass and mineral wool. The continuous temperature application rates about 300°C higher than the comparative product made from E-Glass. The final application, its environment, the heat conditions, the heat directions, the density of the mat itself, as well as its thickness are only a few determining factors for the appropriate continuous application temperature. It seems that a good safe number will be 1000°C for the Basfibermat®. Higher values may apply, depending on the particular application.In order to enhance temperature reflective properties, an aluminium foil can be added to the product. While the Basfibermat® is widely used in thermal applications, it also can be treated with resins and turned into a constructional board.